The 13th Workshop

Looking Back, Looking Forward: Tokyo 1964 - 2020, Paralympic Legacy Research by Prof. Simon Darcy, PhD.

The Paralympic Games are the second largest multi-sport event after the Olympic Games depending upon which parameters are used and since Sydney 2000 there has been an 'operational partnership' where bid cities are required to host both Games. Yet, few studies have evaluated the comparative outcomes, legacies and event leverage that Paralympic games have generated. This seminar addresses this absence by presenting legacy frameworks and examining reviews of Paralympic legacy research from past Paralympics. In reviewing the research, it is noted that the bulk of the research has focused on summer Paralympic Games with little interest in the Winter Paralympic Games. The major findings for legacy-based research include: infrastructure; sport delivery/development; information, education, and awareness; human capital; and managerial changes. However, while these findings may seem congruent with major event legacies frameworks conceptually, an examination of the detailed finding shows that Paralympic legacy research is isomorphic and adds a new components to existing legacy dimensions.