Research Plan

1. Compiling and analyzing basic data
(1) Summary of historical data on the Paralympic Games (for example, host cities, organization, number of athletes)
(2) Bibliography of reference materials on the Paralympics
(3) History of the Japanese Paralympic Committee and its activities (such as Japanese Paralympics participation, results, athletes' biographies)
(4) Organizations associated with the Paralympics and their legal and social status (domestic and international)

2. Research on core elements of the Paralympic Movement (areas for in-depth analysis outlined on separate page)
(1) Shifts in ideology in the Paralympic Movement
(2) Participation (participating countries, growth and change in participants, and their significance)
(3) Financial cost of hosting the Paralympics and progress in sponsorship
(4) Changes in media coverage of the Paralympics
(5) Relationship between the Paralympic and Olympic Games and its changes
(6) Political issues influencing the Paralympics and their impact

3. Research on issues directly related to preparations for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games
(1) Roles of Paralympic athletes and their needs
(2) Corporate awareness and support of disability sport
(3) Tasks for training volunteers
(4) Means and modality of Japan's international support and its future issues
(5) Current condition of disability-friendly environments (e.g. barrier-free) and tasks for improvement
(6) Governance of organizations associated with the Paralympic Games (including cooperation between organizations for athletes with a disability and organizations for able bodied athletes)

4. Research on the "legacy" of past Paralympic Games
Summer Games: Tokyo (1964), Seoul, Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney, Athens, Beijing, London
Winter Games: Nagano, Salt Lake City, Vancouver, Sochi