The 17th Workshop

January 8, 2016
"The Paralympic Movement and the Olympics in Germany"

This report focuses on explaining the relationship between the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB), established in 2006 with the merger of the German Sports Confederation and the National Olympic Committee for Germany, and various sports organizations for people with disabilities, particularly the German Disabled Sports Association.

The two organizations cooperate in taking initiatives in various programs and projects, including preparations for bids to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games. In many of their initiatives, "inclusion" has been a key word. With the cooperation of all 98 member organizations of the DOSB, numerous important documents have been drafted and approved.

The organization of sports events for the "German Sports Badge" is one example of the cooperation between the two organizations. Arranged so that people of all ages, genders and disabilities can participate, it has continued to make changes, and there are many sports events where people with disabilities and able-bodied people participate together.