The 21st Workshop

October 18, 2016
Theme: Report on the Rio Paralympic Games and Issues and Aspirations for the 2020 Paralympic Games

The 2016 Rio Paralympic Games, which was greatly enlivened by the passionate support of the people of Brazil, ended on September 18. The first Games to be held in South America, the Rio Games proved highly successful. Despite financial concerns, tickets sold out and overall sales were the second highest of any Games after London. At the same time, it was an event that was evaluated from various perspectives, including the non-participation of the Russian team due to a doping issue and the Japanese team failing to win any gold medals in their results.

An issue in the lead-up to 2020 is support in each sport for the training and strengthening of Para athletes. Moreover, to spread Para sports and strengthen athletes beyond 2020, resolving "everyday issues" such as establishing a system that will enable sports equipment rental will be key.

The Rio Games confirmed the importance of creating a structure for improving competitiveness in the Paralympics, passing on know-how in the management of international events, and starting to take action for the success of the Tokyo Games. The development of communities where people with disabilities and the elderly can live in contentment will be the most important legacy of the 2020 Tokyo Games.