The 27th Workshop

1 December 2017
Theme: "A Message from Japan Leading into 2020, 2024 and 2028, Focusing on Technology and Sports Creation"
Masahiko INAMI, Ph.D., the University of Tokyo, Superhuman Sports Soiety

Terms such as "Society 5.0" and "Super Smart Society" are used to describe society today, in which computers and smartphones are indispensable. Further evolution of our information society is no longer stoppable, and we will need to think about how humans will exist in this kind of society.

The technology known as "human augmentation", which augments the senses and dexterity of humans, is only in its infancy, but has the potential to be used in a broad range of contexts in the future. The idea of augmenting human capabilities has long existed, but using technology to do so will lead to new discoveries. The technology of "human augmentation" can support humans by making things more convenient, and it also has the potential to alter how we see the world. "Human augmentation" will alter not just the physical body but has the possibility of editing embodiment, or how our brain recognizes our body. In other words, transforming into a super-being through technology can also change the psychology of a human being.

In addition, there is the possibility of physical-transformation-based communication through technology. By being able to experience being in another person's position, it will become possible to experience what could not be understood through verbal communication. From this, we can expect greater mutual understanding.

At the 2020 Tokyo Games, while it will be important to make Japan's traditions visible to the world, creating something new that will become an ordinary part of life in the next century can become a legacy.
If something can be a catalyst and increase opportunities for people who do not know how to be involved in sports to participate in sports, their attitude towards sports may change. While it is important to continue to maintain traditions, what is also needed is to create something today that will become a tradition in the future.

The world of computers has the potential to support diversity. There are examples of people who are unable to play an active role in the real world, but who play an active role in the virtual world that exists on computers. Technology that supports physical diversity and diverse values will contribute to the value of Japanese industry. Making this a reality through sports is the principle of "superhuman sports".