The 28th Workshop

February 20, 2018
Theme: "The Paralympics and Accessibility"
Mark Peters, Principal Consultant, access all areas
Marnie Peters, Consultant, Marnie Peters & Co

Preparations for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games are underway both in terms of the hardware, such as construction of related facilities, and the software, such as establishment of systems for managing the Games. In both of these aspects, full consideration needs to be given to ensure accessibility for spectators who will gather from around the world. In particular, there needs to be careful consideration to enable people with disabilities to have smooth access in watching and participating in the Paralympic Games.

Important perspectives in ensuring such accessibility will be "equality" so that everyone can share the same experience, "dignity" so that older people and people with disabilities are not inconvenienced, and "functionality" that enables comfortable use of facilities. In terms of the hardware, Tokyo should use as reference points what was tackled and put into practice at London, Sochi, and Rio de Janeiro. In terms of the software, designing easy-to-understand websites for online ticketing will be one of the important aspects. For the Paralympians, accessibility needs to be considered from various perspectives including easy use of facilities, smooth movement and transport, and emergency disaster response.

In the run-up to the Tokyo 2020 Games, various kinds of preparations, including the installation of lifts, will be undertaken individually. To avoid situations that might hamper users, there needs to be systematically well-coordinated, universally accessible hardware and software in every aspect of the Games.