Journal of the Nippon Foundation Paralympic Research Group Vol.01

The Nippon Foundation Paralympic Research Group publishes, seasonally in principle, a Journal which announces major results of the studies by the Group and by relevant researchers in order to share them with interested fellow researchers or students.

Vol. 1 (published in January 2015)

Paralympic Research Group Journal Vol.01


To Commemorate the Publication of the Journal      

Kazuo OGOURA             3


The "Legacy" of the 1964 Tokyo Paralympics           

Kazuo OGOURA        English Summary            24

The General Public's Awareness and Interest in the Paralympics in Japan and in Some Selected Countries             

Hiromi SATO        English Summary            63

Analysis of the Number, Gender, and Performances of Athletes in the Paralympic Games

          Kenji BANJO        English Summary            83

Appendix (pdf)

Overview of the Summer Paralympic Games                                                     


Overview of the Winter Paralympic Games