Journal of the Nippon Foundation Paralympic Research Group Vol.02

The Nippon Foundation Paralympic Research Group publishes, seasonally in principle, a Journal which announces major results of the studies by the Group and by relevant researchers in order to share them with interested fellow researchers or students.

Vol. 2 (published in May 2015)

 Paralympic Research Group Journal Vol.02

Paralympic Research Group Journal Vol.02 Special Supplement



Literature on the Tokyo Paralympics                        

Kazuo OGOURA   English Summary   9

The Legacy of the 1976 Torontolympiad for the Physically Disabled and the 2010 Vancouver Paralympic Winter Games      

David F. H. LEGG, Ph.D.  11

The Positive Impact and Legacy of the 1988 Seoul Paralympics on Sports for People with Disabilities                  

Hea-Ja CHUN, Ph.D.       41

The Performance of Japanese Athletes in the Paralympic Games       

Kenji BANJO      English Summary            68

A Study on 'Olympic and Paralympic Education' Leading up to the 2020 Games --- Based on IPC's Definition of 'Paralympic Education' and Analysis of Past Case       

Taro OBAYASHI  English Summary   78

Summary Report on Japan-Korea Seminar on the Paralympics "Looking Ahead to the 2018 Pyeong Chang and 2020 Tokyo Games"         

Hiromi SATO      English Summary   100



Special Supplement

Accessibility of Sporting Venues for People with Disabilities: Accessibility as Spectators and Athletes     

Yoshihiko KAWAUCHI, Ph.D., Yuka MAEDA           English Summary  110