Journal of the Paralympic Research Group Vol.14

Journal of the Paralympic Research Group Vol.14

The Paralympic Research Group publishes, seasonally in principle, a Journal which announces major results of the studies by the Group and by relevant researchers in order to share them with interested fellow researchers or students.

Vol.14(published in September 2020)



  • Study on the Impact of the Paralympics on Changes in Awareness about People with  Disabilities (PDF)

FUJITA Motoaki  1
(English Summary) 13

  • The Governance of the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee:
    Focusing on Its Relationship with Parasports and the Paralympics (PDF)

                NOBORI Amiko 15
(English Summary) 35

  • Viewing Attitudes of Able-bodied Viewers of Broadcasts of the PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Games: A Secondary Analysis of "Study of the Paralympics and Broadcasting," A Joint Study by the Nippon Foundation Paralympic SupportCenter and NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute (PDF)

NAKAYAMA Kenjiro 37
(English Summary) 60

  • Study on the Impact of Para sports on Inclusion Awareness(1):
    Focusing on Experiences with Para sports (PDF)

NAKAMURA Masahiro 63
(English Summary) 93

Research Notes

  •  Paralympics and an Inclusive Society (PDF)

 OGOURA Kazuo 95
(English Translation)106

Authors (PDF)