Journal of the Paralympic Research Group Vol.17

Journal of the Paralympic Research Group Vol.17

The Paralympic Research Group publishes, seasonally in principle, a Journal which announces major results of the studies by the Group and by relevant researchers in order to share them with interested fellow researchers or students.

Vol.17(published in March 2022)


Contributed Articles

  • Diverse Aspects of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games (PDF)

Gudrun Doll-Tepper  1
(Japanese Summary) 20

  • From Tokyo 1964 to Tokyo 2021, the Paralympic Games Seen through the Lens of Paris 2024: From the Celebration of Differences to Achievement Through Technical Progress (PDF)

    Sylvain Ferez 23
    (Japanese Summary) 45

  • Perspectives on the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games (PDF)

David Legg 47
(Japanese Summary) 70

  • Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Legacy, Disability and Japan - Muzukashi desu ne? (PDF)

Ian Brittain 71
(Japanese Summary) 93

Research Articles

  • The Olympics, Paralympics, and Gender: Female Participation and the Principle of an Inclusive Society (English Translation)

OGOURA Kazuo 115

  • The Black Lives Matter Movement and Protest Activities of Athletes at Olympic and Paralympic Games (PDF)

NOBORI Amiko 137
(English Summary) 177

  • Impact Analysis of Sports Prosthesis Technology Using U.S. Patent Data (PDF)

(English Summary) 190

Research Note

OGOURA Kazuo 197


  • Summary Report on the 38th Workshop (PDF)



  • Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Paralympic Games and Relevant Organizations (Time-series Record) (PDF)


Authors (PDF)