Journal of the Paralympic Research Group Vol.10

Journal of the Paralympic Research Group Vol.10

The Paralympic Research Group publishes a Journal which announces major results of the studies by the Group and by relevant researchers in order to share them with interested fellow researchers or students.

Vol.10 (published in September 2018)



  • In Search for Origins of "Inspiration" Emanating from Achievements of the Competitive Sports Activities of the Persons with Disability(PDF)

Kazuo OGOURA  1
(English Summary) 12

  • Analysis of Trends in Newspaper Reporting of the PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Games(PDF)

Hanae ENDO 13
(English Summary) 23

  • Study concerning the Value of Directly Watching the Paralympic Games
    ─ Based on a Questionnaire Survey of Spectators at the PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Games ─(PDF)

Masahiro NAKAMURA 25
(English Summary) 43

  • Study of the Paralympics and Broadcasting(1)
    ─ Report on Interpretations and Attitudes of Persons with Disabilities ─(PDF)

  Kenjiro NAKAYAMA 45
(English Summary) 63

  • Study of the Paralympics and Broadcasting(2)
    ─ Research on "Reproduction of a Uniform Sense of Value the Human Body" given by Paralympic Broadcasting ─(PDF)

Kenjiro NAKAYAMA 65
(English Summary) 82

  • A Trend and Educational Effect of Paralympic Education in Japan
    ─ A Case Study of IPC-Accredited Teaching Tool "I'mPOSSIBLE" ─(PDF)

  Shohei KOBAYASHI 85
(English Summary) 113

  • Summary Report on the 28th Workshop "The Paralympics and Accessibility"(PDF)

 Akira NAGAMATSU 115
(English Summary) 124

  • Research Note on Special Olympics(PDF)

Kazuo OGOURA 127